What I’ve been reading: Wonks, robot journalism and Uber disruption

The debate over pageview journalism ignores the real problem: flawed business models

“Combining quotas and traffic-based performance goals, while still demanding “top-flight” journalism, is a clear example of bean-counters running amok. We should be past that by now.”

journalism analytics performance management business models

Journalism needs the right skills to survive

“This time, the disconnect between professors and professionals is more puzzling and disturbing because professionals seem to place a lower value on skills that are essential to multiplatform journalism and storytelling in the digital age. This is not what we expected to find.

While the authors understand that the challenges of a shrinking newsroom might mean that professionals and managers are refocusing on essential coverage areas, it is concerning that the professional respondents did not place a higher value on the skills that are so important to the future of journalism and multiple approaches to storytelling.”

journalism journalism education multimedia video poynter skills

Silicon Valley gets excited about a small news story

“Being small and different from existing news outlets is a good way to gain attention, and to attract a loyal audience of serious readers. Becoming a seriously profitable business is something else.”

startups business models niche publishing

Jason Seiken outlines his vision for leading ‘digital native’ Telegraph into journalism ‘golden age’ | Press Gazette

“A top down command and control style can’t grow today’s newspaper because no one person has the skills in print, audio, video, interactive, data, text, mobile, social, SEO, analytics, infographics, blogging, click-through rates, click-to-open rates, conversion rates, subscription rates, bounce rates, time spent, revenue per page, yields, lifetime value, cost of acquisition, content syndication, apps, native advertising, acquisition opportunities, computers, phones, tablets, TV monitors, wearable computers, virtual reality goggles, and the soon to be released Apple i cerebellum brain implant or whatever technology is coming next.”

telegraph journalism leadership

8 styles of online video at BBC News

“Despite television’s prevailing popularity, online, mobile and social video is growing. Online video traffic on some BBC stories had been “absolutely huge”, he said, with “big news stories driving video consumption”, but for the top 10 videos from the BBC in 2013, it was not all news.”

multimedia video bbc reporting instagram television

A print newspaper generated by robots: Is this the future of media or just a sideshow?

What if you could pick up a printed newspaper, but instead of a handful of stories hand-picked by a secret cabal of senior editors in a dingy newsroom somewhere, it had pieces that were selected based on what was being shared — either by your social network or by users of Facebook, Twitter etc. as a whole? Would you read it? More importantly, would you pay for it?

newspapers algorithms social media aggregation guardian editing

LBC: from heartbreak to banter to political hot potatoes

“I believe speech radio will grow and grow,” says James Rea, LBC’s managing editor. He attributes its current success to its listeners, who shape its output to an extraordinary degree; to its presenters, who are encouraged to have opinions and “let the wall down” on their own lives; and to its lean structure, which allows it to be vastly more flexible than the BBC, so bureaucratic and so top-heavy.”

talk radio broadcasting politics interaction UK politics bbc streaming

Vox.com’s Melissa Bell: ‘This is a chance to do journalism differently’

“It’s not that people don’t understand the news, Bell explains. But an obsession with new information can be offputting to readers who are not up to date with an issue.”

journalism wonks washington post vox First Look FiveThirtyEight ebay

Why I’m joining Fusion: Felix Salmon on his move from Reuters

“Here’s where things start getting really cool. What this means is that it doesn’t matter where people consume our digital content: it only matters that they consume it. So while everybody else fights with each other to get millions of unique visitors to their websites, we will be happy to go reach the audience wherever they are. “

television fusion felix salmon reuters video multimedia millennials cable tv

The newsonomics of newspapers’ slipping digital performance

“Put a few numbers together and we can see that newspapers take only about 8 percent of all digital ad spending, a share that’s clearly in decline. In the old pre-Internet world, newspapers took about 20 percent of overall ad spending. Those two numbers are another shorthand to understand the destruction of the industry’s core business, as advertising once supplied 80 percent of the industry’s revenues and nearly all its profits.”

advertising iab google facebook programmatic buying circulation newspapers

Uber, Airbnb vs Cartels and Regulators

“Disruptive models for transportation or accommodations are perfect illustrations for the gap between friction-free, agile new models and the cohort of status quo defenders. “

mobile disruption business models technology

‘We haven’t even scratched surface of explainer journalism’

“The digital publishing world is in the process of deeply unpicking our journalism, in an attempt to understand what are characteristics of journalism and what are characteristics of print. The print process is so deeply embedded in our mindsets and working methods that we’re not yet taking full advantage of the web and the opportunities it presents.”

journalism wonks washington post gigaom newspapers internet

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