What I’ve been reading: The NY Times Report, Reddit ideas and Economist audio

Like just about everyone in media I suppose, I have spent the past couple of weeks engrossed in developments across the pond at the New York Times – specifically the dramatic executive moves and the subsequent (or consequent?) leaking of the Times’ Digital Innovation Report.

There have been dozens of worthy pieces commenting on what it all means, but I’m reposting here links to just a couple of key ones.

The leaked New York Times innovation report is one of the key documents of this media age » Nieman Journalism Lab

“The big question: How can the Times become more digital while still maintaining a print presence, and what has to change? “That means aggressively questioning many of our print-based traditions and their demands on our time, and determining which can be abandoned to free up resources for digital work.”

new york times journalism innovation strategy digital newspapers mobile leadership editing

Editor’s Exit at The Times Puts Tensions on Display – NYTimes.com

“But more broadly we’ll probably be O.K. We have a talented executive editor, a stable if challenged business outlook and a very dedicated audience. To the extent that The New York Times does anything remarkable, it emerges from collaboration and shared enterprise. It’s worth remembering that its legacy begets an excellence that surpasses the particulars of who produces it.”

nytimes nytimes com leadership editing strategy digital

Arthur Sulzberger’s First Interview About the Turmoil at The New York Times: “I Would Have Done It Differently”

“But an editor today, Sulzberger said, has to have a different set of skills. Today’s editor has to have stellar journalistic skills “as well as managerial skills to be figuring out how to get the data to help us deliver news in a digital age.” During Rosenthal’s reign, “You could make it work. That’s no longer true. The standard has to be different.”

nytimes nytimes com leadership editing strategy strategy digital

The New York Times leadership challenge (whoever the leader is): changing the culture

“Newsrooms need more diversity in gender and race among their top leaders. But more urgently, they need leaders who can guide digital transformation. “

new york times leadership skills digital diversity race gender

[Added: 26/5/14]

The seven habits of highly effective digital enterprises

“…management teams need to move beyond vague statements of intent and focus on “hard wiring” digital into their organization’s structures, processes, systems, and incentives.”

digital leadership skills budgets

5 ways journalists can use Reddit

“I think the absolute best use of Reddit for a journalist is as a kind of litmus test of where the internet stands on something,”

reddit social media al jazeera guardian new york times

The strategy behind the Economist’s new audio product

“There’s very limited things you can do while driving when it comes to consuming content. Audio is broadly the one that jumps to mind at that point, so this felt like it might be an interesting fit there.”

audio podcasts the economist multimedia paywalls

What the Death of Homepages Means for the Future of News

“Because homepages reflect the values of institutions, and Facebook and Twitter reflect the interest of individual readers. These digital grazers have shown again and again that they aren’t interested in hard news, but rather entertainment, self-help, awe, and outrage dressed up news.”

social media journalism editing dark social analytics

[Updated: 26/5/14]

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