What I’ve been reading: Ad-blocking, the growth of off-platform models and branded podcasts

As Print Fades, Part 1: ‘Live Journalism’ at The Times (New York Times)

“What occurs on a New York Times stage is as much a part of our report as interviews conducted over the telephone or photographs made at a news scene. When something newsworthy occurs on an NYT stage, we’ll share it with our readers.”

business models new york times journalism

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As Print Fades, Part 3: Sponsorships and Start-ups (New York Times)

“Transparency is the answer to a lot of thorny issues in the digital journalism realm. That means clearly communicating with readers about how these arrangements work will be important.”

new york times business models native advertising advertising

The Financial Times and the Future of Journalism

“How do you recreate that habit, that engagement, of the old print world in the digital world?’ And by definition, if you have a metered model, which limits people to eight articles a month—or ten, or three—your model is actually getting in the way of habit. People aren’t going to form a habit if you are rationing what they read.”

financial times business models paywalls

 Facebook’s parallel universe for journalists is just like Twitter

“One of the main reasons I’ve tended to stick to Twitter when it comes to ‘work’ is that Facebook just didn’t feel built for the task. With Mentions, that changes.”

facebook social media

Why the Washington Post is pushing all its content to Facebook Instant Articles

“Does that not devalue the Post’s identity, since readers won’t necessarily associate the content with the brand? And isn’t there the danger that this is a quick fix for publishers’ need for audience growth that could be negated if Facebook were to tweak its algorithms to their detriment?”

facebook washington post social media mobile

The emerging threat of ad blockers

“If they can come up with a purposeful and principled approach to the ad blocking phenomenon, publishers have a real chance to increase their engagement with the market and grow the value of their audience. ”

advertising native advertising revenue models

What happened after 7 news sites got rid of reader comments

“It’s not clear why comments are a particularly good part of the [website] experience”

comments ugc social media audience engagement

5 Things I Learned Snapchatting Apple’s Event This Week

“Raw video is a good reflection of raw experience, and Snapchat’s almost stupidly simple means of broadcasting that experience provided an easy way to publish a quick, fun, and authentic view from the ground.”

snapchat video video streaming social media

How audience engagement editors are guiding online discussions

“They are the children of the copy editor, the public editor, and the paperboy. Instead of grammar and style, this new breed of editor crafts online tone and relationships with readers. Web traffic and, if subtly, advertising dollars depend on their work. ”

audience engagement social media comments journalism

Will you get your news from Apple News or Google or Facebook or Snapchat or Twitter or…

“The value for media companies partnering with Apple or Facebook are relatively clear — the opportunity to reach big, new audiences, who use the news more often as a reason to talk to friends, family or colleagues. The business risks, however, are significant. ”

facebook social media twitter apple snapchat google

Adblockers Hit Another Market: Video

“With ad blockers, the tragedy is that one bad apple contaminates the whole crate. Once installed, the adblocker will indiscriminately eliminate ads from all sites. The few that were willing to preserve a decent user experience were washed away.”

advertising video native advertising

Dealing with witnesses: Why the Eyewitness Media Hub’s guidelines are so important for journalism

If you want what they’ve made, you need to treat them both well and fairly, whether payment is requested or expected or not. Because, well, ethics. And not being a dick.

ugc syndication video photography syndication ethics

Eyewitness Media Hub launch Guiding Principles for Journalists

Seven handy principles to guide the use of UGC by media organisations (and not just TV stations)

ugc multimedia video photography syndication ethics

How AJ+ embraces Facebook, autoplay, and comments to make its videos stand out

“And while that does play into it, it’s more about understanding how people are consuming the content. “

facebook videos mobile

The secret sauce of Slack’s branded podcast

“With users becoming increasingly savvy about how to skip traditional advertising, creative approaches to get users to pay attention to a brand are going to be increasingly necessary”

podcasts native advertising advertising multimedia sponsored content

A new medium that harnesses the ancient power of storytelling

“Podcasts are a haven for real-life drama, drawing personal revelations from people like a moth to a flame. Although listening to one appears outwardly to be a solitary activity, shows such as these affirm our universal experiences and encourage greater curiosity about the wider world.”

podcasts multimedia radio

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