What I’ve been reading: Micro payments, chat apps and clickbait

Can the web save the press from oblivion? 

” The idea of micro-payments for journalism has been mooted for as long as digital media has existed, and largely rejected as unworkable or unacceptable to the new generation of readers. In response to the emerging mobile landscape, however, a few innovators are exploring whether the concept can be revived. As a journalist, it can be tempting to see them as the cavalry.”

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Live, local, late breaking: On Facebook Live, news outlets take a cue from TV (but don’t call it TV) 

“User behavior is much more engaged in Facebook Live than it is in television, and the content that we create has to break out of the studio mentality”

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#ONALondon Session: It just got personal – engagement via chat apps

“Consider the voice for the platform
Enable creative workflows
Play the long game”

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Clickbait Obsession Devours Journalism

“There is no hope of drawing sizable value from such overabundance where too many players provide the same service.”

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All change, all change

“Ours is an industry in crisis: under threat from every conceivable side, and often the greatest challenge is simply internal apathy and paralysis. But the good news is this is entirely avoidable and manageable.”

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Why journalists should be more involved in product development in the newsroom

“You need to have bumblebee people, who are given permission to roam freely on both sides of the Chinese wall and talk to different people”

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Dreams of digital journalism don’t have to be dreams. Saying goodbye to Ophan’s dad

“To change the culture of the Guardian in terms of valuing the digital medium, even just by making sure that we were writing headlines that suited it rather than fetishising print headlines, I needed to be able to not only change people’s minds but also ask them to do more work in the process. And the only way I could think to do that was by providing data that proved what I was suggesting wasn’t just a matter of opinion. Getting that data easily and at speed was the problem.”

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How the BBC is using virtual reality to help audiences engage with history

“We thought if we could create an impression of his memories, if we could interpret them in a style that gives that texture, that feeling of memories, then we would show a new and different side of the Easter Rising, a subject matter that is very much a part of both collective memory and personal memory.””

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News Publishers Need To Jump Into Bots

“The survival of the news industry depends, for a large part, on its ability to create services on top of their contents streams. But getting into personalized services requires a major leap forward for which “Conversational Bots” could become strategic tools.”

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