Jelly journalism: Some thoughts on Biz Stone’s new answers app

I guess Jelly’s appeal among journalists might be that it asks questions and that’s what journalists do – ask questions. So it seems reasonable to ask, what can Jelly do for journalists?

Asking a question on Jelly

Asking a question on Jelly

If you haven’t already discovered it, Jelly is the newish question-and-answer app launched by Twitter founder Biz Stone at the beginning of the year.

Where Twitter used to ask “What are you doing?” and Facebook (still) asks “What’s on your mind?”, Jelly asks “What is this?” by allowing users to photograph an object or upload a picture, annotate it with a finger-scribble if necessary, and send it out with a question to their extended networks.

It’s not the first service of its kind – the closest thing to it of any scale I imagine is Quora. While both services allow users to crowdsource answers and both ride on the back of users’ existing social networks, Jelly has a few important features that set it apart: