What I’ve been reading: Micro payments, chat apps and clickbait

Can the web save the press from oblivion? 

” The idea of micro-payments for journalism has been mooted for as long as digital media has existed, and largely rejected as unworkable or unacceptable to the new generation of readers. In response to the emerging mobile landscape, however, a few innovators are exploring whether the concept can be revived. As a journalist, it can be tempting to see them as the cavalry.”

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What I’ve been reading: Andreessen on the future of news

Netscape founder Marc Andreessen got a lot of attention towards the end of February for his fundamentally optimistic thesis The Future of the News Business: A Monumental Twitter Stream All in One Place. In this post on his blog, he proposes that the way in which technology has broken 60 year old monopolies in the media industry along with the emergence of a new and enormous, mobile phone-wielding and news-hungry market (particularly in places like South Africa where I live) heralds the beginning of a golden age for news media and professional journalism.