What I’ve been reading: The NY Times’ new CMS and local successes (and struggles)

Why, as an online journo, I take no joy in newspapers’ decline

“If the print business-model is broken in South Africa, the business model for online has yet to take off. It is very difficult to make sustainable money from online news sites, especially niche ones. “

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*Subsequent to the publication of the above story on http://www.grubstreet.co.za, Media24 issued a statement saying “all current operations will remain intact”.

The mobile majority: Engaging people on smartphones is the next big challenge to the news

“It would be an exaggeration to say that the rise of the smartphone is a shift on par with the rise of the web. But it wouldn’t be that much of one. Seven years after the iPhone, smartphones have moved from a tool of the tech elite to a handheld computer in everyone’s pocket. They’re radically changing how people are getting their news. And I fear that many news outlets still haven’t wrestled with how big a change they represent.”

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