What I’ve been reading: Micro payments, chat apps and clickbait

Can the web save the press from oblivion? 

” The idea of micro-payments for journalism has been mooted for as long as digital media has existed, and largely rejected as unworkable or unacceptable to the new generation of readers. In response to the emerging mobile landscape, however, a few innovators are exploring whether the concept can be revived. As a journalist, it can be tempting to see them as the cavalry.”

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Visual content: Takeaways from the SA-UK Digital Editors Network meetup

The Digital Editors Network has been gathering in the UK roughly every quarter since 2007.

Rather a lot has happened in the media since 2007 (if you think that Twitter had barely been around for a year back then, the tablet as a consumer product didn’t really exist, and the New York Times has had three executive editors in that period).

And along the way, the network has built up a loyal following and a reputation as a space where media professionals can share ideas and reflections about their own operations with a real degree of candour.

Digital editors @Jozihub watching - and interacting - with speakers at the #DEN meetup in London.

Digital editors @Jozihub watching – and interacting with –  speakers at the #visualDEN meetup in London.

It is, to quote one of #DEN’s conveners and founders Francois Nel, a “self help group for media innovators”; less a conference than an ongoing conversation among those preoccupied with devising and driving change inside and outside of newsrooms.


What I’ve been reading: Wonks, robot journalism and Uber disruption

The debate over pageview journalism ignores the real problem: flawed business models

“Combining quotas and traffic-based performance goals, while still demanding “top-flight” journalism, is a clear example of bean-counters running amok. We should be past that by now.”

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